We favor the intellectual and physical development of our society´s youngest members.


Our bilingual preschool method intends to collaborate with parents in the strengthening of their children's physical, intellectual and affective skills.

Elementary school

We impulsed the harmonic development of our kids' personalities, for them to integrate to our society.

Elementary school

We seek, with support of our parents community, to achieve a harmonic development of the child's personality, preparing him for his future integration and responsible participation within the society.

Junior High School

We propitiate the development of independent and responsible young men and women.

Junior High School

Our junior high school, together with our parents community, encourages our youth to become independent and responsible people, aware of their dignity and capable of making right judgment calls.

High school

We prepare honest men & women to continue with their higher education, in order to accomplish their profesional intentions.

High school

Our High School seeks to impulse the education of people with integrity, possessing a personal view of their moral values.

Complejo Educativo

In 1978, Complejo Educativo Hispanoamericano was founded by a local group of businessmen in León, lead by Mr. Don Felipe Martinez Chapa.

Hispanoamericano offers a bilingual teaching system for basic (preschool, Elementary school and junior high school) and upper middle education (high school), always guided by a humanist and Christian philosophy, which propitiates the formation of committed citizens towards the common benefit and welfare of their community, through the development of human values.

Considering TICS an essential didactic tool that complements its students’ forming process, Hispanoamericano has fully equipped its classrooms and study areas, and has developed a digital platform.

Cambridge University certifies its students’ English language proficiency, and so does the Education Ministry of France for French language. Additionally, Microsoft certifies its students’ domain of Microsoft Office software.

Bandera Ecológica, a government program developed to attend our city’s environmental sustainability, has certified Complejo Educativo Hispanoamericano for the seventh consecutive year as an ecologically aware institution.

Students are offered with several extracurricular activities (culture, sports, recreation) during the afternoon shift.

Hispanoamericano’s Extended Schedule Program includes dining service, homework elaboration assistance and diverse recreational activities.

We work with a constructivist,
competence focused educative model.

Students being able of dominating theories and facts.
Students being able of solving problems through the appliance of their knowledge.
Students showing ethical and positive attitude.



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