Private School en León, Gto.

The economic, political and social current events have parents worried about their children’s academic development, mainly because this is an important aspect of all children’s lives and can become the stepping stone for them to have an opportunity to get a better job, with an excellent pay and a greater professional development.

It is because of this that quality education is currently one of the main priorities parents have when looking for a good private school en León Gto for their children, seeing that the educational background has proved to be one of the essential pillars in the development and maturity process of all individuals, a side from being a determining factor for their future.

Of course it is necessary to consider that the educational background is not the only significant factor for professional success, but it is clear that education concerns to a major part of the society especially parents, due to the fact that 3 out of 5 parents in Mexico consider that offering a better education for their children is crucial for them to have more tools to compete in the labor market.

As a consequence the search for a good school is vital to guarantee a good education, from the basic levels up to university.

Unfortunately, the statistics are not very favorable for schools in Mexico, especially if we talk about public education, because although the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), a public school, is considered the leading university in all Latin America and is on the list of the top 100 universities in the world, on the counter part, education in basic levels such as elementary and Jr high school have the lowest levels in the region.

There for, parents have great concern in finding a private school en León Gto that offers a good academic background and an excellent education level. As a result the demand for education in private schools has risen considerably in the last years and according to various studies this is due to the fact that children from private schools have a higher academic and learning level than those that come from public schools, furthermore private schools offer activities and subjects, such as foreign language, sports and artistic, that enrich the child’s development even more.

Continuing on the same line, an important aspect that parents consider when looking for a private school is the possibility for their children to know, speak, and dominate a foreign language, being that now a day the labor market demands the knowledge of a foreign language (specifically English).

As a consequence, for parents, find out a private school en León Gto with high qualification is really appraising.

In addition to all this and contrary to popular myths and believes, private schools tend to have a higher level of discipline, aspect that is also fundamental in the development of any person. Because habits are acquired as children, why not make these habits organization, compromise, responsibility, punctuality and respect for authorities norms, rules and laws.

It is because of this that a vast amount of Mexican parents and experts consider that the best present and investment that one can give a child is having them be part of a private school en León Gto, as this implies a quality education, high level of knowledge and in the long run better job opportunities.

Of course this does not mean that all private schools offer the same academic level and conditions, there for, it is suggested that any parent looking for a good institution research the schools to get to know the study program, services, references and all the information that can guarantee that their children’s education will be adequate and at the best level.

Fortunately in the state of Guanajuato, there is a private school with great prestige, with an excellent academic level, and the best environment for students; it also has finest teachers and first rate facilities, which make it the best option in the country and state for children and teenagers from elementary up to high school.

Of course we are talking about Complejo Educativo Hispanoamericano one of the best institutions in the country, with a philosophy that teaches all students a sense of responsibility and compromise, it promotes values and develops positive habits, and it also offers an excellent academic level, based on the highest standers in the country and all Latin America. Aside from that it offers extra-curricular actives that guarantee the students full development.

In conclusion all parents that are concerned about their children’s education should consider Complejo Educativo Hispanoamericano as the best option, being that thanks to its vast experience and its outstanding team, this institution has proven to be without a doubt the best private school en León Gto.