We are pleased to present Hispanoamericano’s educative offer, an institution which has been providing life changing education for 40 years.

In Hispanoamericano, students are welcome since their preschool formation, unto their high school studies, always conducted by a solid, principle and human values based integral system, which supports our Educative Model and reflects in an atmosphere of mutual respect and warmth, giving Hispanoamericano a distinctive touch.

Together, we conform a Great Family where your children will receive personalized attention from their teachers and staff, an immediately noticed factor that distinguishes us from other institutions.

Admission sheet purchase

Admission sheet request
Payment shall be done in our institution’s office.
Payment hours: 7:30 to 14:30 Hrs.



Fully answered general data format with recent passport size photograph. (Handed in after admission sheet payment)
Signed inscription and tuition fees instructive


Birth certificate
Studies record or certificate (students from another state or country)

In case of High School applicants, an academic history must be additionally presented for second to sixth semester entrance requests.

In case of preschool applicants exclusively, students must comply with the age requirement dictated by Guanajuato’s Secretary of Education.

Evaluations & Results

English language diagnostic evaluation (except Preschool)
Skills and personality test
Interviews with applicants’ parents for Preschool and Elementary School
Interviews with applicants for Junior igh and High School

Results will be given to our applicants’ parents within two working days from the evaluation. Having received all documentation is essential for delivering results.


Enrollments payment: shall be done within the next 15 days from the result delivery.

Once our student has been registered, the documentation listed below must be handed to the section’s school control offices, from 8:00 to 13:30 Hrs.

Studies record or certificate (students from another state or country)
Medical certificate which includes blood type and eye examination, specifying allergies to food or medicine (if any), issued by an official or particular health Institution.
No-debt certificate issued by our student’s previous school.
Transfer record or certificate, in case of late admissions (once the school cycle has started)
Signed rules and policies

For Junior High admissions, a regularization exam record must be presented (in case of extraordinary tests).

For High School admissions (second to sixth semester), the student must present:

Partial Certificate

1.- Equivalence, for those incorporated to another dependency.
2.- Revalidation, in case of foreign studies.


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