Complejo Educativo Hispanoamericano looks for its students to develop their own business venture projects, while acquiring a great deal of skills in product design, testing, creation and valuation, both physically and virtually.

Through the employment of Makerspace halls, we foster our students' curiosity, and encourage the use of creativity and cleverness (ingenuity). These cutting-edge rooms bring together several technological subjects and offer the appropriate means (tools) for our students to find effective and lasting solutions to everyday problems. Additionally, shared knowledge is achieved through proper interaction between students, allowing them to identify the best solutions to any given problem. This way, we transform their imagination into another learning tool. As an institution, we proudly call ourselves pioneers in the adoption of Makerspace methods in children’s and teenagers education.

Maker Culture methods are proven to aid students in developing their own abilities, which later on will benefit them in an increasingly competitive world, such as:


Our world is not in need of problem witnesses, but problem solvers. Maker motivates its participants to undertake different projects, which provide solutions to issues concerning our community, through various technological means that help human lifestyle become more practical, such as software development, 3D printing and applied robotics.

Open mind towards different ideas:

Every project is based on teamwork, where participants share their particular point of view and seek to turn "two heads are better than one" ideology into a reality. A key aspect for students of Maker movement, is to share and defend ideas of their own, while simultaneously embracing changes and comprehension.

Passion for learning:

Participants manifest their interest in finding solutions and achieving defined targets. Therefore, it is necessary for them to develop self-learning and persistence skills in order to come up with the most sustainable projects.

Inside Makerspace halls, space distribution plays a key role given its objective is to boost the teaching process, allowing students to be the main figure in every activity where interaction among classmates is required, under guidance of their teachers. It also favors multidisciplinary learning, not only in technology related subjects, but in those in which research, drafting and reading comprehension are needed.

Without a doubt, our institution's Makerspace halls represent a strong impact in our students learning process, as they provide them with the necessary tools to transform an idea into a tangible object or prototype.


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