Our bilingual preschool intends to collaborate with our parents’ community in the development of physical, intellectual and affective abilities, allowing their children a progressive domain of day to day competences, as well as of their introduction to English language.

Psycho pedagogic department
Day care service
Exclusive work and recreation areas for our children
Safe classrooms with appropriate lighting
Specially designed spaces and buildings.

Class Schedule

Morning 7:50 a.m. at 1.30 p.m.


Bimestrial books
Digital Audio
Reading books
Evidence portfolio

Formation fields

Personal and social development
Language and Literacy
Mathematical thinking
Knowing about the World and the Environment
Artistic Expression
Physical and Health Development


Independent space from all other sections
Gesell Chamber
Computer lab
Multiple use hall

Virtual Tools

Moodle Platform
Multimedia equipped classrooms

Activities and nacional trips

Bilingual Rally
Gymnastics and music sessions along with children’s parents
Open classes
Cultural and recreational tours
Outdoors activities at night
National trips (with parents and direction staff)

Sport workshops and academies

Workshop: The magical world of books
Tae Kwon Do
Basic gymnastics

Extended scheluder

From 14:30 Hrs. to 18:00 Hrs.
Balanced diet plan
Supervision during school assignments elaboration
Physical, cultural and recreational activities
Teachers’ support